Union M.L. No. 23 Roll of Honour

12 members of the Lodge served in the Great War 1914 to 1918. Tragically Lieutenant John Knox M.C. died of his wounds 19 days before the end of the First World War.
  John Knox, Military Cross and Bar 2nd Lieutenant 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles Poppy READ MORE
PROPOSED: 19/08/07 E.A.D : 26/08/07 F.C. : 21/10/07 M.M. : 20/07/08  
  Allan F Brady Sergeant Canadians "Irish Regiment of Canada"  
PROPOSED: 19/03/19 E.A.D : 3/05/19 F.C. : 10/5/19 M.M. : 17/5/19 VIEW ATTESTATION PAPER
  Charles Davidson
PROPOSED: 21/03/10 E.A.D : 23/05/10 F.C. : 20/06/10 M.M. : 19/09/10  
  Edward Heath Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps  
  Samuel Hill Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps  
PROPOSED: 04/05/14 E.A.D : 21/05/15 F.C. : 26/05/15 M.M. : 31/05/15  
  William Canterbury Leeson Corporal Canadians "Irish Regiment of Canada"  
PROPOSED: 16/10/1911 E.A.D : 10/11/11 F.C. : M.M. : P.M. 1935
  James M. McAleer Sergeant-Major Royal Army Medical Corps  
PROPOSED: 15/02/15 E.A.D : 15/03/15 F.C. : 24/03/15 M.M. : 18/04/15 Made Honorary Member 21/6/15
  Alfred Henry Mann A.C. ( Air Commodore ) Royal Naval Air Service  
PROPOSED: 18/10/15 E.A.D : 20/12/15 F.C. : Lodge 83 1917 M.M. :  
  Richard T. Pack Sergeant-Major Royal Army Medical Corps  
PROPOSED: 8/04/15 E.A.D : 4/5/15 F.C. : 17/5/15 M.M. : 26/5/15 Made Honorary Member 24/06/15
  Robert Patton Writer Royal Navy  
PROPOSED: 27/09/18 E.A.D : 21/04/19 F.C. : 16/06/19 M.M. : 14/09/20  
  William Pritchard Sergeant-Major Royal Army Medical Corps  
PROPOSED: E.A.D : F.C. : M.M. :  
  Henry W. Smartt Captain Royal Army Medical Corps  
PROPOSED: 18/12/1893 Affiliated from Lodge 65 on 15/01/1894    
The Royal Army Medical Corps operated the army's medical units and provided medical detachments for the units of infantry, artillery and other arms.  
Royal Irish Rifles 13th (Service) Battalion (1st County Down) was formed in County Down in September 1914 from the Down Volunteers, and were under orders of 108th Brigade in 36th (Ulster) Division.
The Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) was the air arm of the Royal Navy until near the end of the First World War, when it was merged with the British Army's Royal Flying Corps to form a new service, the Royal Air Force.
The Canadians or more commonly known as The Irish Regiment of Canada was originally founded in 1915 with their headquarters in Toronto
Royal Army Medical Corp

Royal Army Medical Corp
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North Irish Horse
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Royal Naval Air Service

Royal Navy
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Irish Regiment
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