Masonic Hall Websites

This page contains links to Masonic Halls within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ireland that have their own web pages.
Grand Lodge Headquarters, Dublin






The headquarters of Irish Freemasonry, Freemasons' Hall on Molesworth Street, opened in 1869. It houses Lodge rooms, a library, museum, offices and dining areas.

Arthur Square






On the 28th June 1868 the foundation stone of Arthur Square Masonic Hall was laid with full Masonic ceremonial. It was finally opened in 1870.

  Freemasons' Hall, Dublin   Arthur Square Masonic Hall  
  Carrickfergus Masonic Hall






Carrickfergus Masonic Hall on Victoria Street built by "Caters" held its first stated meeting on the 28th July 1898 Victoria Street.

Rathfriland Masonic Hall







Rathfriland Masonic Hall, John Street was built by Alexander Whelan and opened in 1891. Bro. Whelan also constructed Newry Masonic Hall.

  Carrickfergus Masonic Hall   Rathfriland Masonic Hall